Thursday, July 9, 2009

Who Or What Killed Friedrich Nietzsche?

It is often said by easily offended religious people in response to Nietzsche having said God was dead, that God then killed Nietzsche. But God did not kill Nietzsche. Nietzsche apparently died of an unknown illness, possibly syphilis. Furthermore, if God actually did kill Nietzsche for his seemingly irreverent remark(s), how would this make Him good?

Killing somebody simply for making an offensive comment (more than likely just an innocuous comment interpreted offensively) sounds decidedly like a human response to an insult. This is simply the ego “protecting itself". Would not a great, glorious God be above this seemingly childish type of response? Why would anybody feel an obligation to avenge insults? Because the insulted has staked his identity in something other than himself, in this case a thought. How could God stake His identity in anything but Himself? Furthermore, if God does in fact exist, why would He have felt compelled to strike Nietzsche dead for a comment that is not even true?

I would have to imagine a sufficiently glorious and powerful Entity would be aware enough of His identity such that He would not have to resort to striking someone dead only because this person “thought” God was dead. If He really is wonderful and powerful and completely fulfilled, what need would God have to punish anybody? And for what?

Many people impart their egos on God such that He is “forced” to serve their whims. On the other hand, if God is a slave to His ego much like we tend to be, then I am afraid we are all in big trouble!

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