Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Search For God

In my view, the search for God is becoming more aware of our individual as well as our collective identity as human beings.

If self identity is one's life pursuit, there is less need, perhaps no need, to seek identity through things outside self. Things such as impressing others with accomplishments, self-righteous acts, flaunting wealth, physical appearance, ideology and beliefs, etc. What more likely than not happens when we pursue identity through these “superficialities”? We strive so tenaciously to accumulate these “superficialities” thereby making it paramount to subvert our decency and sensitivity toward others if it gets in the way of these pursuits, which eventually it always does. This we might call “sin”.

In addition, when seeking awareness of humanity's identity, it is obvious that we are all different genetically and culturally. Imagine the human body as humanity. Each cell is an individual human being. Would not a cell in the liver have a totally different perspective on things (morally, perhaps?) than a cell in the brain? Yet the cell in the liver is absolutely convinced that it has the “right” perspective on things. If the cell in the brain adopted the liver cell's perspective on things, would it be able to do its job properly? Of course not, because it is a brain cell, not a liver cell.

Some organisms engage in altruism whereas others engage in infanticide but ultimately whether we view these behaviors as good or bad is irrelevant. What is relevant is that these distinct behaviors seem to have facilitated the survival and prosperity of each.

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