Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Matter Of Time

Does God lie inside time or outside time?

If it is supposed He lies inside time, mustn't He have originated out of something prior to His own existence? In this case, we are forced to appeal to something outside time to explain how He and time itself came about. But this would imply that God is not the "First Cause". Which implies He is something less than God. Hence, what many people believe to be God is not really God.

On the other hand, if it is supposed God lies outside time, this dilemma is avoided. However, another arises. 

How could He participate in temporal activities like healing, working or planning if He is not inside time? One might suppose God to be overly versatile and in being so lies both inside and outside time.

But at this point, He becomes so nebulous an entity that one could just as well say God is anything or everything for that matter. Which leads to the idea that even if God exists, there is no absolute way to view or define Him/Her/It?

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