Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Doomed To Be Hated

Especially as it pertains to politicians, many “decide” to hate once and for all, making it impossible for the hated to ever escape being hated. This is silly as it renders hatred frivolous, much like wholeheartedly believing something simply because it can not be falsified.

For could one not just as well wholeheartedly hate somebody simply because there can always be found "things" to hate about him? It certainly seems so.....but how?

In order to illustrate how, I'm going to present somebody who “hates” uncommonly kind people. We might suppose this person resents nice people because they highlight his meanness, something or other. What countermeasure can a nice person possibly utilize to curry favor with such a person? Might he try being mean? My bet is if this nice person shows any hostility, the mean person will hate him because he is mean. In this case, the nice person is damned if he does and damned if he doesn't! This is how hatred works!

Once one “decides” to hate somebody (oftentimes unconsciously), there can always be found reasons to continue to hate the person thereby reinforcing and perpetuating the hatred. At this point, the hated are forever doomed to be hated!

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