Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Matrix

Imagine, as many do, that there exists a God with an agenda of some sort. Might this be construed as a form of coercion and manipulation? If not, why should it be anymore construed as coercion and manipulation if everything was created to serve an earthly ruling order? What is the difference?

Many will claim the difference is that a world controlled by God is divinely inspired whereas a world controlled by human beings “wanting” to coerce and manipulate, unconsciously even, would not be divinely inspired. Hence the reason this would seem evil.

But even in the case of God, there is no consensus as to what is or should be the world's “divine” path to follow, obfuscating that which might be considered divine.

Does God aspire to create a conformed or tolerant society? Does He prioritize human beings or ecological balance? Does He embrace self-reliance or dependence on Him and perhaps others? Does He advocate capitalism or socialism? There is no consensus on Who God is or at least Who He should be. Therefore, it is hard to imagine how a being thought to be divine could actually be so.

Many argue passionately how God “sees” things yet often find little common ground with one another. Who, if anybody, might be right? There is no way to know. If it is the ego which makes our convictions absolute and “divine”, then everybody can be right in spite of opposing views!

Once again, it is easy to see the immutable principle behind this: much in life is a zero-sum game. In any given situation or policy, it is likely somebody will win and somebody will lose. Many things are the way I like. Many other things are not. In the end, I find peace and joy accepting both the things I like and the things I don't.

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