Sunday, July 19, 2009

A Divine Reflection

In a purely metaphoric sense, I think King Solomon may have “found” God by stumbling upon something seemingly unconscious and hard-wired into the human race. I think he became conscious of the fact that he wanted to want more than he ever wanted to have! This explains why he was never satisfied with all his wealth, jewels, concubines, gold, extravagances, etc.

Once again, reflect on this.....he did not want to have all this stuff, rather, he only wanted to want it all. Might this describe you?

I readily admit this applies to me with many things, especially my relentless pursuit of wisdom. Do not be alarmed or feel ashamed. It is just an unconscious compulsion of the human dysfunction a.k.a. the ego! It is, in my opinion, insanity.

Only awareness of this will ever avoid the dissatisfaction that is bound to stem from this! I believe this is why in Buddhism it is often said that true peace and contentment comes from not wanting.

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