Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Doomed To Be Hated 2

Barack Obama took criticism for giving the Queen of England an Ipod as opposed to something far more extravagant as is usual for a head-of-state. Should he have given her something much nicer, perhaps fancy jewels or some other priceless artifact?

On the other hand, if Obama had given the queen of England fancy jewels or some other priceless artifact, how does one suppose these same critics would have responded?

I have previously mentioned how hatred works (see Doomed To Be Hated) and in this case, the critics will always find fault with whatever is done or not only because they have set out to find fault in some way. And as I have said before, because there is no “perfect” answer to much of anything on this godforsaken mud-ball we call Earth, there will always be fault to find with any decision.

If Obama had lavished the Queen with luxurious excesses, I guarantee you these same critics would have waisted no time in pointing out how unconscionable this was especially given the current economic conditions and all the suffering many of his citizens are experiencing.

Once somebody is hated, this person is faced with a double-edged sword with any decision or action. How can Obama ever turn one of his haters into one of his lovers?

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