Thursday, July 30, 2009

From God Or From Self?

It seems backing one's agenda with God is essentially masking ego, or at least attempting to do so. For what is the difference in saying my opinions and convictions dictate my behavior and beliefs versus God's opinions and convictions doing so?

Many will of course say the difference is obviously that one set of opinions and convictions stems from self whereas the other set of opinions and convictions stems from God. But then why are all opinions and convictions from God not in agreement?* Presumably because they are not from God. They are from self!

In this way, it could be said that God's opinions and convictions only ever stem from any given person's ideas of what God's opinions and convictions should be. Which of course will be whatever the ego sees fit!

*Perhaps God DOES allow us to be mistaken? However, does it not seem those that acknowledge this seldom concede they themselves could be mistaken? How then are we to know who of us is mistaken and who is not?

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