Thursday, July 16, 2009

Infinite Or Absolute?

Does not the idea of a God based on absolutes restrict Him? How can this be so if He is infinite?

If it is supposed God wears a blue cape, this being analogous to an absolute, then He can not simultaneously don a red one. But if He is infinite, must He by definition wear the red cape along with every other color cape simultaneously?

People tend to harbor restrictive views concerning God arbitrarily. It is often implicitly stated that God can only do or think in a certain manner prescribed by me according to my interpretation of scripture or what feels good to me. But then, just as easily, it is declared that God is so beyond comprehension that one can never know how He might view another situation.

On the one hand, saying God is absolute on a given matter restricts Him thus rendering Him something less than infinite. On the other hand, saying God is vastly bigger than one can ever imagine leaves ideas about Him wide open.

This means many commonly thought absolutes can be less restrictive and, hence, something less than absolute. What is the most likely culprit behind those that are "absolutely" certain? Ego of course.

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