Thursday, July 2, 2009

Sleazy Politicians

Why do most politicians seem driven only for the sake of inflating their egos? My guess is that by definition anybody aspiring to be in a such a prominent position will necessarily be ego-driven, at least unconsciously. If this is the case, the politician's primary motivation will be simply to win as opposed to exercising his or her conscience.

I have pondered the ideality of all candidates being genuine as a means to “force” us into picking somebody who is genuine. But if all or at least most politicians are ego-driven and as such are primarily driven not by conscience but by the drive to win, how can we ever expect to get away from sleazy politicians?

At this point, we must realize and accept the ego as both a blessing and a curse. I appreciate the fact that there are those with big egos who aspire to govern, because alas, I, and many others I suspect, have neither the ambition nor the ego to seek such “high” places. The flip-side of this follows: these politicians, ultimately driven by ego, will be more interested in winning than in exercising their consciences thereby perpetuating this cycle of sleaziness.

We should acknowledge this reality and stop wondering why politicians tend not to act on principles.

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