Sunday, July 19, 2009

Mirror Mirror On The Wall, Who Is The Densest Of Us All?

Most tend to look at a dog chasing his tail as being particularly dense. One might suggest the dog lacks adequate intelligence to realize he will never catch it which probably explains his "dogged" pursuit of it. However, this seems to be predicated on the notion that he necessarily intends on catching it. Might his ultimate goal just be chasing it as opposed to actually catching it? As such, might the dog actually be aware that he will never catch it yet continue the pursuit regardless?

Similarly, might a dog view us as being dense just the same what with our penchant for running on treadmills? Other metaphors to a treadmill could implicate all of us, I'm afraid. What is the point of trying to make more money to sustain a higher life style when in all likelihood this will only necessitate making even more money to support an even higher lifestyle ad infinitum? I can say this self-righteously because I am not motivated by money.

On the other hand, my desire revolves around an insatiable appetite for wisdom. But this is just like money to me. They are essentially the same. Both revolve around wanting to want. Is this not like chasing our tails? Or perhaps like trying to touch a mirage when we know it to be but an illusion? Or being motivated only to win when losing is at some point inevitable? This is akin to chasing a rainbow.

Maybe we are all dense?

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