Sunday, July 19, 2009

An Alternative To Incessant Fighting Over Ideology

The Israeli/Palestinian conflict is a great example whereby controlling thought (akin to Huxley's "Brave New World") could create a peaceful society, at least relatively so. Just “deprogram” all the contradictory dogma both have been indoctrinated with and simply replace it with an identical ideology into both populations. It matters little what it is so long as both believe it. You must worship Mickey Mouse if you want to be spared from a hellish eternity!

My prediction is they would instantly be more friendly to one another! I am not seriously suggesting this be done (assuming it is or ever will be possible), but am simply posing it as an alternative to incessant fighting and arguing over who is supposedly “right”.

Many will say this control of thought would be evil. But upon further reflection, it seems to be the awareness of having thought controlled, not the control itself, that makes it so evil. What if nobody knew thought was controlled simply as a means to get everybody to agree?

If one still thinks this would be a miserable reality, how is it any less so if by not controlling thought people continue to kill and maim each other over differences in "opinion"?

 It seems then that life is forever destined to have misery as company.

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