Thursday, April 1, 2010

A Few Kurtisms To Chew On.....

I don't understand why people use bathroom deodorizers! All it does is makes it smell like someone took a shit in a rosebush!

Paranoia is a steady-state that persists independent of proof. The ego thrives on it!

Would those predisposed to boredom deem a longer lifespan good?

There is a legitimate way to shirk duties! Just say you will do it tomorrow! Because tomorrow is always tomorrow, paradoxically it is never tomorrow!

Do not overlook the profound wisdom in scrutinizing trivial things as this becomes a stepping stone to evaluating far bigger things!

There is at least a piece in each one of us in those we judge. As such, I recommend we think twice before doing so!

Do not be so quick to judge those that have had affairs. If all the judges out there did not have it in them to go on and do just the same, there would be far fewer affairs!

Be careful to distinguish forgiveness from consequences. Being forgiven does not mean consequences magically disappear!

It can be humbling and perhaps a bit traumatizing when it becomes evident that much of what you never questioned is actually insane!

I think the best answer for making the world a better place is to focus less around doing and more around becoming aware! Do not worry about doing as this will systematically follow awareness.

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