Sunday, April 4, 2010

An Inescapable Truth About Belief

If a religious believer does good deeds beyond which he would otherwise do as a nonbeliever, these superfluous deeds are clearly motivated by reward and/or fear of judgment. In this sense, these “good” deeds seem to lack authenticity. As such, they are merely contrived.

Now, if the believer says that he would perform all his good deeds even if he didn’t believe, then why does he believe? Because it redeems his soul something or other? Belief can actually do something? Well then, in that case, I can't help but think Satan would be saved as well. For how could Satan thwart God’s plans and lead us astray so easily if he didn't believe in and know God.

The point here is to demonstrate how meaningless belief is. Ultimately, a person is what he does and not what he believes or at least claims to believe. See link below for further corollary to this:


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    I saw your blog on Debunking Christianity and just thought I'd say hi. I have a blog on atheism and debunking creationism which can be found here:


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    I also saw you on Debunking...
    I might one of your least grammatical commentor you will get. I really should proof read more.

    I submit articles on Young Freethought blog. Those articles aren't all great but it my work in freethought if you want to know more about my ideas. My best work is in philosophy, which I really do not post anywhere.

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