Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Perfect Radio Talk Show Host

Why do radio talk show hosts so love controversy? Ratings, my dear Watson. Most of us “prefer”, perhaps unconsciously, to hear provocative rhetoric because it causes reaction, one of the necessary precursors to distrust, resentment, hatred, argument, conflict and eventually even violence. The ego loves this!

My writings shouldn't cause reaction because they are not inspired by lust for controversy, rather they are inspired by quiet, contemplative reflection. I think the world would in relatively short order become a much more inviting place (not perfect by any means!) if people embraced information sources stemming from quiet, contemplative reflection as opposed to embracing sources guaranteed to anger or excite their senses thus causing rash and impulsive reaction with little or no thought.

Does not much of conflict and strife seem to stem from our tendency to react rashly and impulsively to situations? What might the world be like if people thought before they reacted? It is likely they would react much less harshly. Or perhaps not react at all? What would such a world be like? Hmmm?

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