Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Who Might Be The Author Of An Individual's Character? God Or Self?

Me not acknowledging God for my pleasant nature is not arrogance, rather it is humility. Of course it could be construed as arrogance because it is I that am taking “credit”, as it were, for my pleasant nature. The problem with this assessment is that it makes the “forever unpleasant” appear as if God has “forever” neglected them. Why did God bless me with a pleasant demeanor but not others?

Here is a propitious segue into my denying God as the "author" of my pleasant nature: if God fails to sow in others a pleasant demeanor as He has sown in me, how could I reasonably condemn or criticize their poor behavior? More importantly, how could God reasonably condemn them only because He Himself did not sow in them pleasant natures?

Be clear that I am not implying God does not exist. I am only making it abundantly clear that I do not "see" Him as the author of anybody's character.

In summary, regardless of whether He is the author of anybody's character (including my own), my pleasant nature leads me to be non-judgmental and understanding. And this, in my opinion, is the essence of humility! Am I arrogant for thinking this way?

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