Tuesday, March 30, 2010

What Is An Ideal?

If an ideal truly is, it should not matter whether it has even the slightest effect on the state of things as the meaning is in the ideal itself. Only if evaluating an ideal from the perspective of practicality would it really matter whether upholding said ideal has a noticeable effect. However, at this point, the ideal itself would be rendered completely meaningless.

From a practical perspective, if doing “X” won't have any effect, if doing "X" won't change anybody or anything, then it would be meaningless! But if you really believe in the ideal as ideal itself, upholding it has complete meaning in itself regardless of its effects or lack thereof.

For instance, many say voting for a candidate that has no chance of winning is wasting a vote and therefore should not be done. But if your ideal is to vote your conscience, the fact that your vote will be “wasted” is of no consequence and is therefore not meaningless.

Rather, the meaning is in voting your conscience. Please see link below for more on the topic of ideals:


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