Saturday, February 6, 2010

Which Way Are We Going?

Are people these days getting either more religious or more secular? Many claim one or the other but why does it even matter? What would motivate religious people or secularists to believe either.

Might they believe or at least want to believe their view is dwindling in order to feel sufficiently threatened to justify parroting around doomsday propaganda and other such paranoid delusions?

Or perhaps they believe or want to believe their view is growing in popularity simply as a means to feel more “right” thereby emboldening themselves to go out and recruit others to their "sacred" cause?

My view as to why it might matter is because masses tend to act like sheep and as such, this might influence the herd to go where others are headed. In other words, let the masses determine the “correct” destination.

Ultimately I believe both religion and secularism are growing in the world (not the least of reasons being the increasing population and dissemination of ideas and information) but I think that because we are so much more global and multicultural today, polarity appears to be increasing only because we are living and interacting amongst different, competing cultures much more so.

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