Sunday, June 21, 2009

On The Origin Of Bad Traffic

I live in Atlanta, GA. The typical topic of conversation here is the “dire” traffic situation. But I must say having come from Chicago, what in holy hell is the big deal with traffic here? Having visited L.A. and New York, my response to complaints of Atlanta's traffic is HUH? Does it take more time to get places during peak periods? Certainly. Name any other city of considerable size where this is not the case?

Face it! In today's world, or perhaps any other, if one chooses to settle down in a city of significant size, traffic will be an issue. When large numbers of people live in a relatively confined geographical area, it will take time to get places, especially during peak periods.

As such, please stop this nonsense about Atlanta having terrible traffic congestion because it does not have adequate public transportation! Not to say this is false but only to say that Atlanta's dearth of transit options has little to do with its traffic congestion. Large numbers of people trying to get to the same few places at once is the real culprit behind traffic congestion. Choosing to live in a big city because of its amenities must be weighed against other issues like traffic congestion. Everything is a trade-off!

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